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Projekt: Epidemia 2020

Technologie komputerowe w fizyce 2020


  • Projekt 1: SIR Raport, Analiza danych, Programy
  • Symulacje komputerowe w fizyce 2020


  • Projekt 1: Raport, Program
  • Projekt 2: Raport, Program
  • Projekt 3: Raport, Program, Biblioteka EoN
  • Projekt 2: Raport, Program
  • Programowanie dla fizyków 2020


  • Projekt 1: Raport, Program, Program MC
  • Projekt 2: Raport, Program, Program
  • Projekt 3: Raport, Programy
  • Projekt 4: Raport, Programy
  • Materiały dodatkowe

    Warsztaty 'Infectious Dynamics of Pandemics: Mathematical and statistical challenges in understanding the dynamics of infectious disease pandemics'

    Computational Epidemiology at the time of COVID 19 - Alessandro Vespingani

    Compartmental Models in Epidemiology

    SIR Model in Python

    You Can Run, You Can Hide:The Epidemiology and Statistical Mechanics of Zombies

    Zombie apocalypse

    Johns Hopkins University Coronavirus map

    COVID-19 Dataset

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